The Quality Label for Solar Thermal Products in Europe (2010)

This brochure produced by ESTIF, the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, provides a complete overview of the solar keymark, a certification mark for solar thermal products in Europe.

The Solar Keymark is a voluntary third-party certification mark for solar thermal products: solar thermal collectors (based on European standard series EN 12975) and factory made solar thermal systems (based on European standard series EN12976). The Solar Keymark is used in Europe and is increasingly recognized worldwide. It allows end-users to identify products that respect the relevant European standards and fulfills additional requirements. It was developed by ESTIF, CEN (the European Standardisation Body) and European test labs with the support of the European Commission.

This brochure explains in detail the benefits for consumers and manufacturers. Is also includes information on how to obtain the keymark, the requirement and process and the certification bodies test labs empowered to issue the Solar Keymark.

Author: ESTIF
Date of publication: 2010
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