Qualitative Approach for Solar Water Heaters. The Tunisian experience (2009)

This is a presentation delivered by Mr. Noureddine Ketari from the Tunisian Institute Aptitudes during the Regional Workshop on Standardization and Certification of Solar Water Heaters organized by the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) in Tunisia.

After having experienced problems in financing the market for solar thermal technologies, the Tunisian government started the Prosol project in 2005, a new financing mechanism ensuring credit and subventions in order to boost this sector. Although market growth has been impressive, quality had become an issue: poor quality or obsolete systems, heterogeneity of technologies, etc. Consequently, the Q.S.T. (Qualité Solaire de Tunisie) project emerged, aiming at applying the Solar Keymark standard within the local market.

The project would start in 2010, implementing a system of European testing, standards and accreditation procedures, an acceptance-based transitory system being used in the meantime. Moreover, the quality of installation procedures is to be dealt with through the Qualisol certification system. These measures were intended to boosting productivity, consumption and exports alike.

Document only available in French

Author: Noureddine Ketari

Date: 2009

Slides: 67

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