The Potential Economic Impact of Solar Power Generation Facilities in Nevada (2004)

This study published by the NREL (US National Renewable Energy Laboratory) in 2004 estimates the economic impact, in terms of employment, personal income, and gross state product (GSP) of developing some portion of Nevada’s solar energy generation sources.
In Nevada, although a very high potential for renewable electricity has been registered, almost 90 percent of the electricity generated still comes from coal (53 percent) or natural gas (36 percent).
This study presents three scenarios: Scenario A, describes the costs, employment and personal income of the construction of a 100 megawatt trough facility. Scenario B talks about constructing 10 plants over an 11-year construction cycle. Scenario C represents a case where three 100 megawatt plants are constructed over a two-tear build cycle spaced out between the years 2004 to 2008.
The main conclusions point out that developing Nevada’s solar resources will have a very positive effect on the economy, in terms of new employment and personal income, besides reduction of C02 emissions.

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