Performance Analysis of a Solar Heating System Coupled to a Heat Pump for Building Renovation Purposes (2009)

The paper was presented by Mr. Jacques Bony and Mr. Stéphane Citherlet from the Laboratory of Solar Energetics and Buildings Physics (Switzerland) in the framework of Task 44 of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme. It presents the energy and economic performances of facilities coupling heat pumps with air heater equipped with solar thermal collectors. The study was done employing a TRNSYS-type dynamic simulation.

The coupling of different types of solar thermal collectors with a heat pump was investigated in the context of a possible replacement of gas or oil boilers by heat pumps (air heater). Simulation included both residential and administrative buildings in Switzerland, and was focused on results concerning the coefficient of performance and the power consumption of these systems.

Results point towards the fact that the overall performance is boosted by the different types of solar collectors when compared to a normal heat pump, but prices are directly linked to performances.

Author: Jacques Bony, Stéphane Citherlet

Date: 2009

Pages: 13

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