Pennsylvania Sunshine Guidelines for the Residential and Small Business Solar Program (2009)

This report was written by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in May, 2009. This document discusses how rebate money will be split up to solar electric and solar hot water systems. The rebate money totals $100 million from the Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Program and was designated for homeowners and small businesses. There is a short introduction on what exactly the rebates can and cannot cover, as well as eligibility for the rebates. It also includes application procedures, which requires the installers to submit a Pre-Approval Application to help determine if the applicant is eligible for funding. On project completion, they will also be required to provide the homeowner an Owner’s Manual with specific installation and operating documentation. The document ends with funding amounts for PV and solar thermal projects. There are tables for residential and small business solar thermal and PV rebates.

Author : Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Date of publication : 2009

Pages : 14

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