Overview of Solar Thermal System in Japan (2012)

This overview was presented by Takahiro Nagata of the Japanese Institute of Energy Economics during a seminar on “The Japanese Market for Heat Generation by Renewable Energies” organized in May 2012 under the German project “Exportinitiative Erneuerbare Energien” supported by the German Ministry for Economy and Energy.

The presentation is divided in 4 main topics.  The first one gives a general overview of the energy market in Japan showing that hot water heating and space heating accounts for over 60% of a family’s needs, while in commercial buildings, 23% of the energy is used for cooling and heating.  The second and third topics provide information on the use and costs of solar thermal systems in residential and commercial areas.  The last section of the presentation focuses on the main barriers to using solar thermal energy and on the initiatives undertaken to promote the use of this technology.

Author: Takahiro Nagata, Japanese Institute of Energy Economics

Date: 08 May 2012

Pages: 31

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