Overview of Solar Thermal Process Heat & Cooling in India (2012)

This presentation was given by Dr. A.K. Singhal of the Indian Ministry of New & Renewable Energy at the 3rd Indo-German Energy Symposium in Delhi in May 2012.  The speaker provides a detailed overview of the various solar thermal technologies already available or still under development in India.  The presentation focuses on Solar Water Heating (SWH), Solar Air Heating, Process Heat and Solar Cooling.   SHW is well developed in India and in 2012 5.10 million m² of collectors had already been installed, with the objective to reach 18.7 million by 2022. SWH is also benefiting from initiatives taken by the UNDP/GEP project, in particular in communication and training. Solar Air Heating systems are used in various industries, mainly for drying purposes (tea, food processing).  By 2012, 15.000 m² of collectors had been installed. Concentrated Solar Technologies for Process Heat and cooling have been used for laundry and food processing. In 2012, 80 steam systems were installed corresponding to 30.000 m² of dishes.  Solar cooling is still in the demonstration face and the objective is to reach 50.000 TR (tons of refrigeration) by 2022.

There is a high potential for solar heating and cooling in India and in order to reach the country’s objective a certain number of barriers, such as costs and spaces, have to be overcome.

Author: Dr. A.K. Singhal

Date: May 2012

Pages: 34

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