Overview of RES-H/RES-C Support Options (2009)

The present report was prepared in the framework of the RES-H Policy project (Policy development for improving RES-H/C penetration in European Member States (RES-H Policy)). The aim is to provide an overview of possible policy instruments to support the development of renewable heating (RES-H) and cooling (RES-C) technologies in the different EU Member States. The RES-H Policy project, supported by the European Commission through the IEE programme, has the objective of supporting EU Member States (Austria, Greece, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland and UK) in the implementation of the so-called RES 2020 Directive (2009/28/EC). This document in specific gathers information on different policy instruments, both financial and non financial (grants, regulations, public procurement, quota, levies, bonus, soft loans, support for R&D, obligations, training, standardisation, awareness raising activities, among many others) supporting renewable energy technologies which can be adapted to RES-H and RES-C in the target countries mentioned above.

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