Optimization of a Low Temperature Solar District Heating System by Integrating Space and Domestic Hot Water Loads (2014)

This presentation on the optimization of a low temperature solar district heating system was given by Canmet ENERGY at the  2nd International Solar District Heating Conference in Hamburg in June 2014.  After a short introduction on Solar District Heating in Canada, the presentation focuses mainly on the only solar district heating site nationwide, named Drake Landing,  and shares information on its capacity, performances and technology.  The speaker also provides the results of a comparison study where domestic hot water is supplied by a standalone SDHW like the one in Drake Landing or by solar district heating system.  Several scenarios have been considered analysing techno-economical aspects, such as total solar energy delivered or costs.  From this case study it appears there are no major differences in terms of cost and performance from both systems.

Presentations from the 2nd International Solar District Heating Conference are available here

Authors: Reda Djebbar, Doug McClenahan, Bruce Sibbitt, Jeff Thornton, Bill Wong

Date: June 2014

Pages: 20

Download the document here, or read it below:

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