Novel Solar Thermal Polygeneration System for Sustainable Production of Cooling, Clean Water and Domestic Hot Water in UAE (2014)

This master thesis, written by Gowtham Mohan at the Stockholm KTH School of Industrial Engineering and Management, introduces a solar thermal poly-generation (STP) system for production of chilled water for air conditioning using absorption chiller, pure water with membrane distillation and domestic hot water by heat recovery.

The system is installed in UAE and experiments were conducted in four different modes during the peak summer month of July. The system is introduced having in mind the particular situation of UAE, where the demands for space air conditioning and clean water are high but the high solar irradiation available is not properly used. 

The thesis includes a literature review of different thermal driven desalination and cooling systems as well as various polygeneration system. A design of the experimental unit is provided, together with system modeling and validation, experimental analysis, dynamic simulation and economic analysis. 

Author: Gowtham Mohan

Date: 2014

Pages: 55

Download document here.


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