Non-Conventional Energy Sources in Colombia (2011)

This is the presentation of Mr. Henry Zapata from the Colombian Government during the UNEP (United National Environment Programme) Regional Workshop jointly held with OLADE (the Latin American Energy Organization) in Chile (June 2011) about the UN-funded project Solar Water Heating Transformation and Strengthening Initiative.

Starting from an analysis of the Colombian energy consumption, available sources of energy and their current impact on the environment, the lack of proper support for renewable energy sources had been observed. The status of solar thermal technologies had been a particular case, since no law directly concerned this market sector. But the existence of a significant market with considerable potential, has determined Colombian authorities to support these technologies through legislative acts and financing schemes at both national and regional level.

The centrepiece is represented by the governmental Energy Generation and Transmission Expansion Plan, intended at maximizing the market share of renewable energy sources by 2030.

Text only available in Spanish

Author: Henry Zapata

Date: 2011

Slides: 32

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