New Technology Produces Economic Solar-Electricity Combined with Seawater Desalination (2003)

This paper from 2003 looks into the possibility to develop a solar thermal plant in the region of Toshka, in the Nile valley. The case study which is described foresees the placing of flat mirror concentrators located between 3 to 5 meter above the ground. This would offer multiple synergy effects such as the possibility to grow plants or to build offices underneath the mirrors, thus enabling social and economic development in the area.

Compared with a diesel-generator unit producing the same power, such a plant would allow to save 7000 tons of fuel per year in addition to avoiding the fuel transportation and storage.

Extrapolated to an area of 1000km² (0.1% of Egypt’s territory) the flat mirror technology would be able to produce 10% of the European Union’s consumption. The desalinated seawater would cover 20% of Egypt’s water consumption.

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