Networking and Outreach Activities in Jordan-Lebanon-Syria for Energy Access II (2005)

This report was compiled by the Energy Research Group of the American University of Beirut. It summarizes the discussions that took place during the Regional Action Plan Stakeholders meeting on Energy Access and Renewable Energy Technologies in Syria Jordan and Lebanon.

The Regional Action Plan for Regional Sustainable Energy Development started in 2004 between Syria Jordan and Lebanon. The objective of this partnership is to enhance collaboration among universities and other stakeholders to promote energy efficiency and appropriate renewable energy technologies.

This presentation discusses the renewable energy scene in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, the barriers blocking its development, and some of the solutions to remove such barriers. The presentation also includes an overview of the Thermal Standard for Buildings project, which was implemented by the UNDP in partnership with GEF and the Ministry of Public Works in Lebanon.

Author: American University of Beirut

Date: 2005

Pages: 32

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