Morocco’s Solar Water Heater Applications (2009)

This presentation by Abdelali Dakkina (Moroccan Centre for the Development of Renewable Energies, CDER) summarises Morocco’s multifaceted approach to facilitating market development for Solar Water Heaters. With 200,000m2 solar collectors already installed in 2009, the government estimates a potential capacity for 3,000,000m2 by 2020 if the correct environment is fostered.

Morocco’s market development program - PROMASOL - looks to encourage achieve its target of 100,000m2 new installed solar collectors through a wide-ranging set of actions:

• Commercial Insurance Partnerships (CIP) - establishing partnerships between producers, importers and distributors to increase capacity of distribution and marketing.

• Accompaniment to the Solar Industry (ASI) - to encourage local production of SWH to reduce the purchase price and offer job opportunities.

• Financial Support - through promotion of rental industry and giving direct support to individual projects.

• Standardisation and Certification of Equipment and Services.

• Training Sessions for Installers.

• Media Outreach

Abdelali Dakkina hopes that  this multi-pronged approach to market development will spur mass-take up of solar-thermal technology and help Morocco realise its long-term potential.

Author: Abdelali Dakkina (Centre for the Development of Renewable Energies)

Date: 2009

Pages: 34

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