Middle East and North Africa Region Assessment of the Local Manufacturing Potential for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Projects

Commissioned by the World Bank and carried out by Ernst and Young and the Fraunhofer Institute, this report assesses the local manufacturing potential for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) components in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

In doing so, it answers four questions:

• Which parts of the value chain of CSP technologies are suitable for local manufacturing and how do international companies that are active along the value chain perceive such an opportunity?

• Are industries already located in MENA suitable for local manufacturing of CSP components and services?

• How can the potential of industries for local manufacturing of CSP components be encouraged by stimulation measures?

• What are the potential benefit to the MENA CTF countries of local manufacturing of CSP components and the provision of CSP-related services?

These are answered in the report through the provision of a cost analysis and an overview of manufacturing processes for key CSP components; a broader survey of the CSP potential in the MENA region; the drafting of roadmaps and an action plan to help develop the potential of locally manufactured CSP components in the existing industry and for new market entrants; and the analysis of potential economic benefits of developing a CSP component manufacturing industry in the region.

Author: Ernst and Young, Fraunhofer institute

Year: 2011

Pages: 215

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Download the document here or read it below:

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