Mexico Solar Panels for Climate Protection (22.02.2010)

This short report prepared by DW TV shows how Mexico is trying to reduce CO2 emissions, by launching incentive programmes for the purchase of solar water heater systems in the country, while struggling against the low environmental awareness of the population

The TV show interviewed a young couple, living 2 hours away from Mexico City. The couple highlights the advantages of solar water heating systems compared to conventional systems. The solar panels are much easier and faster to use and also allow a considerable reduction on the monthly bills.

The Government in Mexico, in partnership with the International Climate Protection Initiative of the German Environment Ministry, has launched a Green Loan Programme offering €100 for each solar system bought (around €500). The programme plans to install 25000 panels in the next three years. Authorities reveal, however, that not many systems have been bought (1000 systems), due to consumers lack to information about the benefits of solar energy.

Click here to see the TV show in Spanish

Click here to see English version


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