MEDA Limited

Thank you very much for allowing me to introduce myself and my organization. MEDA, is a quality contract and direct placement organization that specializes in Energy Municipal Services, Civil, Government, Engineering, Information Technology, Finance and Project Management. There are several divisions of our organization throughout the United States and Canada which include, MEDA Limited, MEDA Technical Services Group, MEDA E-Quality, and MEDA Engineering and Technical Services, LLC. All divisions take a great deal of pride in our relationships that we create with our new and existing clients. I would like to take this opportunity to enlighten you with information about our services, customer and employee commitments and technologies.

Please allow me to send you our company History Portfolio, Contract / Direct Hire Benefit Summary and our Services and Solutions Offerings. We have various locations of operations which include the following:
24901 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, Michigan – 48075
1575 Lauzon Road, Windsor, ON N8S 3N4
2916 South Sheridan Way, Oakville, ON L6J 7J8 With additional locations throughout the Grand Rapids area and Canada to be opened within the month.
MEDA Limited Engineering and Technical Services relies heavily on the relations we hold with not only our clients, but also our employees and the public. It was determined that taking a simplistic approach to defining a mission statement just would not do. We created a mission statement composed of segments. These segments do not suggest we treat anyone different, but rather we recognize the importance of all people to the success of our business. The following segments describe The MEDA Mission and how we work to achieve it.
To build a solid unchanging foundation, a lasting and dignified legacy for the founder and provide long-term challenging and rewarding opportunities for those employees who demonstrate ongoing diligence to the continuation of that legacy.
To provide quality people and services to meet a variety of business needs worldwide on a timely basis.
To serve our clients on a professional basis through a foundation of integrity and long-term investment to these mutually beneficial relationships.
o Wherever we do business,
o We do what we say
o We pay what we owe...on time
o We treat each other, and our clients with dignity and fairness
o We listen carefully, and learn
Thank you again for this opportunity and feel free to contact me at any time so that I can send you our information. I hope that we will be able to talk further and provide value with your employment needs.
Best regards,

Renee M Colby
Account Development / Business Manager
MEDA Engineering and Technical Services, LLC
(248) 208-9900 – extension 206


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