Market Study - EU HighCombi project (2011)

This document provides information on the EU project HighCombi. It includes a market study of the project's six target countries, and outlines the solar thermal state of the art in each.

The HighCombi project was launched in 2007 with a projected end date of 31/12/2011, and aims at the development and demonstration of solar thermal heating and cooling systems with high solar fraction. It has previously been reported on by GSTEC here. Co-funded by the European Commission, within the Sixth Framework Programme (2002-2006), the project consortium involves twelve partners from six European countries (Greece, Spain, Italy, Romania, Germany and Austria). To date, solar combisystems have been implemented or are in the process of being implemented in Austria, Greece, Italy and Spain.

As well as outlining the state of art of solar combisystems in each country, this document estimates their market size and growth, as well as the economic parameters for successful implementation of the High Combi Systems.

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Date: 2011

Author: HighCombi EU

Pages: 59

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