Macroeconomic Impact of the Solar Thermal Electricity Industry in Spain (2011)

This report - commissioned by Protermosolar and carried out by Deloitte – gives a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the main macroeconomic variables in Spain derived from technology from 2008 to 2010; and forecasts their future impact. It gives an overview of the different solar thermal technology in Spain and outlines the supporting regulatory framework. This is followed by sections on macroeconomic results, the research, development and innovation effort, and the environmental impact of current technology.

Its main quantitative findings are as follows:

• In 2010, the industry contributed 1,650 million Euros to Spanish GDP, with 89.3% from construction activities and the rest in plant operation.

• During the same year, 23,844 people were employed in the industry (amidst a challenging economic climate).

• Research, Development, and Innovation accounted for 2.67% of industry’s contribution to GDP.

• High positive environmental impact, with an estimated 361,262 tons of CO¬2 emissions avoided in 2010.

Author: Deloitte, Protermosolar

Year: 2011

Pages: 124

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