Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis (2009)

This is a comparative study conducted by a consulting company Lazard about the levelized cost of energy for various conventional and alternative energy generation technologies. The objective is to understand what is the most cost-effective energy technology for a given application, taking into account different factors such as location, dispatch characteristics, among others.

The study demonstrates that alternative energy technologies are complementary to conventional and provide elements which let think that their use will be increasingly prevalent for a variety of reasons. In this study, Lazard’s approach is to determine the leveled cost of energy, on a $/MWh basis and the main priority is to compare the current state of various generation technologies, rather than the benefits of financial engineering.

Author: Lazard

Date: 2009

Pages: 17

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lazard2009_levelizedcostofenergy.pdf 197.8 Kb [478 download(s)]

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