Lebanon’s First National Survey Study of the Solar Water Heaters Market (2014)

This survey study on Lebanon’s solar water heaters market, conducted by the company Amer Nielsen, was funded by the Global Environment Funds under the Global Solar Water Heating and Market Transformation and Strengthening Initiative project, and was supervised by the United Nations Development Programme and the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation.

To complete this study, interviews were set-up with residential and commercial end-users, suppliers and dealers and finally with other stakeholder organizations.  For each of these categories, the study provides statistical data, geographical and demographical information on the interviewees and shares the most important findings on the level of awareness, consumption patterns, consumer behavior, market trends and growth as well as market challenges and performance.  An update on the Solar Photovoltaic Market is also provided for the 4 analyzed sectors.

Author: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Date : March 2014

Pages: 156

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