Latest and Future Developments in Solar District Heating (2012)

This presentation was given by Riccardo Battisti of Ambiente Italia at the joint 2012 Annual Conference of Euroheat & Power and the Renewable Heating & Cooling European Technology Platform. Battisti gives a sprawling assessment of current developments in Solar District Heating across Europe, while looking to the future to suggest how further progress can be made.

The presentation gives several case studies of European solar installations in Denmark, Slovenia and Germany, with a more detailed assessment of Italy. These all involve technical characteristics and their unique points of innovation. Because of its low investments costs and appropriate climate, Italy as seen as a region with high potential for district cooling expansion. However, for this to be achieved increased economic incentives should be implemented to maximise the influence of heightening gas and electricity prices.

Author: Ambiente Italia

Date: 2012

Pages: 28

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