Large Scale Solar District Heating in Denmark (2010)

This is a presentation made by the company PlanEnergi during the World Sustainable Energy Days that took place in Austria in March 2010.

The document goes through the development of solar district heating in Denmark, the installed systems, the prices of the equipments, among other parameters that confirm the successful development of this technology in Denmark.
Some of the districts where solar thermal was implemented are Ulsted, Nordby, Braedstrup, Marstal, just to give some examples.

The presentation also mentions the EU project Solar District Heating in Europe. The three years programme (2009-2012), financed by Intelligent Energy Europe, is supporting the market rollout of this technology in Europe with training activities, standardisation, recommendations, guidelines and other various supporting activities planned.

Author: PlanEnergi
Date: 2010
Pages: 18
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