Large-scale Rollout of Concentrating Solar Power in South Africa (2009)

This 2009 paper is a follow-up from the CSP workshop which took place in May 2009. This document looks into the large-scale rollout of concentrating solar power (CSP) based upon the modelling of long-term mitigation scenarios (LTMS) of South Africa.

The CSP rollout scenario is spread over three phases running until 2050 for which the estimate development costs are being calculated. Under the requirements needed to achieve the large-scale CSP rollout, the paper lists both the drivers and the barriers of the development of these scenarios. Regarding the barriers, the paper addresses first the obstacles from a technology, infrastructure, industrial and regulatory point of view. These barriers are then placed in the wider context linked to the need of obtaining international financial support.

The conclusion points out that such large-scale rollout can only be achieved by a combination of strong domestic commitment and international support.

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