Know More about Solar Water Heating System (2012)

This document provides basic information on solar water heating systems. It has been developed by the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Service Department to foster the use of solar thermal system for hot water production in the framework of an increased use of renewable energies in that region.

The document includes a description of the benefits for the environment and the savings for consumer resulting from the use of a solar water heating system. It also describes the basic components of such systems (flat-plate collector, evacuated tube collector, storage tank).

Direct and indirect solar water heaters are described, indicating also the factors to consider to choose between the two types of systems. The document focuses also on some aspects that need to be taken into consideration when installing a solar water heating system, such as orientation, applications and retrofitting, availability on the market, maintenance and life span.

Author: Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Service Department

Date: December 2012

Pages: 11

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