Introduction to Thermal Solar Solutions (2009)

This presentation was created by American Water Heaters, a manufacturer of water heater products. It explains the current state of the solar thermal market and American Water Heater’s reasons and tactics for entering the market.

The presentation is broken down into five sections. The first section, “Market Transformation”, looks at the reasons why the solar thermal sector currently looks promising, such as the high price of gasoline, increasing demand for renewables and government incentive programs.

The second section, “Solar Solutions and Collectors”, looks at the various applications of solar thermal currently in use. Section three, “American Solar Package”, looks at the solar thermal water heating products American Water Heaters intends to offer the market. Fourth, “Competitive Landscape”, takes a look at the competition. And fifth, “Support for American”, looks at how American Water Heaters will integrate this new product line into their organizational structure.

Author: Frank Proske, Mark Atchison, Dave Warren

Date: 2009

Pages: 96

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