Integrating Solar Thermal in Buildings – A quick guide for Architects and Builders

This guide for Architects and Builders aims at promoting SWH systems to architects and builders from developing countries and help them consider integrating SWH applications in their designs and projects. Intending to be a useful handbook, this “Guide” provides a compact overview of the technology and its main characteristics; as well as the main requirements to be considered for its application in different types of construction projects and in different geographical locations.

It was elaborated in order to increase awareness about SWH among important stakeholders, such as architects and builders; and encourage the use of this type of solar systems. Hence, it gives a synopsis of the technology and general requirements for integration in buildings. 

Specifically, the handbook seeks to meet the following objectives: 

  • Provide a quick reference guide to the practicing architects to answer questions about solar water heating systems;
  • Increase awareness about SWH among architects and builders in developing countries and encourage its use;  present a step-by-step methodology for integrating SWH applications/systems in designs and projects;
  • Facilitate the integration of efficient and lasting SWH systems by providing adequate information, tools and references related to design, installation and maintenance.

It also provides the following forms and templates which are included as annexes:

Annex-II: Solar Water Heating Project development checklist Form

Annex-III: Solar Thermal Site Assessment Form

Annex-IV:  Solar Thermal Periodic Inspection List


Date of publication: 2014

Pages: 58

Download document here. This guide is also available in Arabic and Spanish




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