Integrated Unglazed Solar Panel Development (2010)

This is a presentation of the research done by the Environmental Energy Solutions Ltd. for the development and testing of their prototype solar heat system. The particularities consisted in the large, low cost solar collector integrated into the roof or wall cladding system and its integrated water sourced heat pump and thermal storage system. A prototype was installed on a house in Wellington, providing year-round performance data. This report was done with the support of the New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

Delivering a lower cost kWh while at the same time making the solar collector invisible by integrating it into the roofing or wall cladding material was the aim of the project. Different system enhancements had been envisaged, such as an insulated water storage tank that would store enough sun energy for the entire day. After analysing the recorded performances, researchers were able to design a cost-benefit analysis of the system, possible future developments and commercialisation by market zones.

The experiment resulted in the use of the entire roof as a solar collector, greatly increasing the system’s energy collection capacity and extending its applicability for more demanding functions such as districting heating.

Author: Environmental Energy Solutions Ltd

Date: 2010

Pages: 34

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