Installing Solar Water and Pool Heating Systems: Objectives and Task Analysis for Solar Water and Pool Heating Systems Installation Contractor (2005)

This document was created by the Technical Committee of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. It offers a wide-ranging task breakdown of essential installation practices for contractors working on installing solar thermal systems for pools and indoor water heating. The document is intended for those who already have a basic understanding of the skills needed for roofing, electrical, and plumbing tasks.

The document breaks down the steps based on the equipment being installed, such as piping, collectors, or tanks. From there, the document lists each essential task for the equipment being installed, it lists their subtasks, and then defines each by the skill involved and the priority it should be given.

Author: North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners - Technical Committee

Date of Publication: 4/11/2005

Pages: 13

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