Implementation of Solar Thermal Energy Projects in Developing Countries (2010)

This presentation was given by Werner Weiss of the AEE Institute for Sustainable Technologies, and summarises the potential for further development of the solar thermal energy sector in developing countries. Although solar thermal markets Africa and Asia (excluding China and Japan) currently lag behind Europe in terms of size, there is a lot of potential for their further development.

South Africa is used as a case study, where the country's expected peak demand for electricity  is moving ever closer to the operational capacity, lowering the reserve margin in case of failure and increasing risk. With market penetration equivalent to successful countries such as Israel and Cyprus, the installed capacity could save electricity equivalent to that needed by 3.4 million people.

The presentation also gives several case studies of installed solar thermal systems in Morocco, Namibia, Guetemala, Mozambique and Saudi Arabia; and outlines the typical challenges of a lack of political support lack of trained people and the high up-front investment that is required.

Date: 2010

Author: AEE- Institute for Sustainable Technologies

Pages: 14

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