The impact of extreme weather conditions on solar thermal equipment

As most solar thermal devices are installed outdoor they become exposed to all sorts of weather conditions that can damage the quality of their production.

This webpage alerts the reader to different weather conditions and the impacts on solar thermal systems, providing also some advice on how to avoid major damages.

Pouring rain, for instance, is not considered very dangerous. It actually helps to clean the dust and impurities accumulated on the surfaces of the sensors, which contributes to greater system efficiency. Hail, lightning and snow do not represent any major risk to solar thermal systems either. Wind, on the contrary may cause considerable damages, due to the flattened shape of the panels, which increases vulnerability to wind. Extreme heat and extreme cold are considered the most potentially dangerous weather conditions, especially if the right precautions are not taken. One of the ways indicated by this website to face extreme heat is to use heat sinks or to place around the collector objects that make shadow.

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