Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Future of Solar Energy (2009)

Owing to the significant potential that the country is offering, New Zealand’s Solar Industry association tries to promote the use of solar technologies in different sectors. The presentation comprises an outline of the available solar technologies – passive, photovoltaic and solar thermal – and gives a more in-depth description of the latter given its multiple advantages and spread within the country.

The presentation starts with the scope of solar thermal technologies: water heating (domestic, commercial or industrial), but also high temperature heat and electricity. After an outline of the heating systems according to their collector types, heat transfer and supplementary heating, the presentations concentrates on the current status of the industry. It describes a mature market with an established supply chain (producers, suppliers, installers), all governed by already existing standards. The focus is based on quality, as attested by rules concerning a Code of Practice, supply & installation accreditation schemes, installer training and system auditing.

Last but not least, the presentation deals with the inherent setbacks and barriers to be found in any industrial sector, as well as policy initiatives aimed at improving the sector.

Author: New Zealand Solar Industries Association

Date: 2009

Slides: 22

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