Guidelines for Solar Water Heating and Cooling Policy and Framework Conditions

Considering the technology potential, and its economic, societal and environmental benefits, policy-makers should focus their attention towards the promotion of the solar thermal technology by setting the right framework conditions and policies to enable such deployment. In brief, policy makers should design and promote specific programmes to encourage solar water heating deployment.

To implement the right solar water heating promotion programme, policy makers at different governance levels must carry out a thorough analysis of the sector. The essential steps are tackled in this publication.


This guidelines aim at providing an overview of the main issues to be considered for setting the right framework for the promotion of the solar thermal technology, and provides:

  • A general overview of the technology, including a description of main benefits and advantages and information regarding the assessment of “market readiness”;
  • Information on the potential of solar water heating and market development, addressing the methodology for assessment of the market development and framework conditions;
  • An analysis of both economic and non-economic  market barriers ;
  • An introduction to the importance of policies and definition of framework conditions, and an analyses of the main tools to set those conditions, i.e. communication, non-financial and financial incentives.

The guidelines target policy-makers at different levels of governance, local and regional authorities, urban planners, energy agencies, experts, stakeholders, interested citizens and consumers.


Date: 2015

Pages: 74

Download the document here

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