A Guide to Buying Solar Water Heating (2009)

Because of the climatic conditions of New Zealand and the positive impact of solar water heating technologies the country’s authorities encourage the use of this type of installations. This resulted in the issuing of a free guide by the country’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

When assessing the SWH technologies, the guideline highlights that the impact on costs is largely dependent on two main factors: the systems employed and the building itself (its size, design and age). It subsequently offers a detailed description of the various SWH technologies available and outlines an efficiency parameter based on the systems size and the number of house occupants. Information regarding the installation, use and maintenance of these systems is also presented.

In addition to the technical and economic information, the guide informs about the legal aspects stemming from the use of SWH technologies: the systems (especially the tank) must meet the Minimum Energy Performance requirements from the country’s Building Codes, there are governmental grants depending on the indicative performance of the system employed, etc.

Author: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

Date: 2009

Pages: 20

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