Green Institute Issue Brief on Solar Energy (2008)

This report was issued by the Green Institute in 2008 and discusses the option of a “solar carve-out” to build Minnesota’s solar future. To develop Minnesota’s renewable sources beyond 25 percent, development of additional renewable energy will be necessary, specifically solar technology. A carve-out is an addition to a renewable energy standard (RES) that specifies a portion of the RES needs to be met with a particular technology – solar. Minnesota already has a carve-out for wind, and a solar carve-out would specify what proportion of the RES will need to be met with solar. This report briefly describes some actions that are already in place in other states (incentives, credits, rebates, grants, green pricing programs) and the success of other states with solar carve-outs. Solar thermal is mentioned as a viable renewable technology that is frequently overlooked, and in Minnesota, there are several solar thermal manufacturing plants that would potentially benefit from this policy as well.

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