The Greek Solar Thermal Market and Industrial Applications - Overview of the Market Situation (2010)

This 2010 presentation by the Greek Solar Thermal Industry (GSTI) gives an overview of Greece’s solar thermal market, which in 2009 had the third highest solar thermal capacity in operation of any Member State. 95% of solar water heaters in Greece are thermosyphon systems, which are preferred because of their low price, ease of installation, low maintenance, and good quality. The presentation gives several case studies of implemented projects.

GSTI attributes Greece’s relative success in solar thermal market development to four main reasons:

• Because conventional water heating source is electricity, there are shorter pay back periods for solar systems

• Most houses have a flat roof, so easy installation

• Favourable in climatic conditions

• State support during market start-up phase

• Involvement of dedicated individuals at early stages

As a result there was 4,100,100m2 of collector area in operation in Greece in 2010. GSTIF plots out several measures in the future to ensure further development, such as financial incentives, standardization and a more comprehensive regulatory framework.

Date: 2010

Author: Greek Solar Industry Association

Pages: 22

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