Global Energy Supply Potential of Concentrating Solar Power (2009)

This paper was presented during the 2009 SolarPACES Conference in Berlin by Christian Breyer and Gerhard Knies. The aim is to outline the potential of concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) in addressing the global energy supply challenges.

Starting from the geographical conditions – the regions with the highest potential output of solar energy and the geographic distribution of world population – the authors evaluate the energy supply potential of the CSP and its potential contribution to the global energy demand. Specific factors that influence such projects are taken into account: land use restrictions, land use efficiency and performance characteristics of high voltage direct current (HVDC).

Furthermore, it contains a detailed set of results for different regions of the world that could benefit from the use of CSP. Last but not least, the authors analyse the advantages of implementing this solution in the European and North African countries.

Author: Christian Breyer and Gerhard Knies

Date: 2009

Pages: 8

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