Florida Power & Light Residential Solar Water Heating Pilot Program Standards (2011)

This manual details the program standards for the Residential Solar Water Heating Pilot Program of Florida Power & Lights (FPL). It includes information on the goals of the program, as well as the installation and reporting requirements that are necessary to be eligible. Further information on solar thermal incentives can be found here. FPL’s pilot solar thermal water heating program is designed to help low-incomes residential buildings install solar thermal systems for use at peak demand times at so serve as demonstration projects of what solar thermal can accomplish. Only licensed contractors are eligible for participation in the program. Installations will use systems from FPL, and they must register and be given approval before moving forward. Metering of the systems will be extensive, and will include: individual hourly energy demand, system design variations, billing impacts and actual energy saved by the installation.

Author: Florida Power & Light (FPL)

Date: 2011

Pages: 7

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