Final Report on the Survey on Demand of Solar Heaters in the Institutional Sector - Zimbabwe (2008)

This is the final report of the work done under Work Plan 3 of the Austrian Development Agency’s year “Solar Energy Zimbabwe” project to develop Zimbabwe’s Solar Water Heating Sector. WP3 looked to establish detailed knowledge about demand for solar heaters in Zimbabwe’s institutional sector, and the barriers hampering their installation.

To gauge opinion within the institutional sector, the ADA conducted a qualitative survey of 113 appropriate institutions in Zimbabwe; the results of which are detailed in this report. They are able to conclude that if 25% of all institutions were to publish SWH, then the storage installation required would be 600,000 litres and there would be 7.7GWh/annum electricity savings. However, public opinion still varies dramatically, with many institutions having bad past experiences with substandard installations.

Consequently, the report recommends that as well as subsidizing SWH economically, the Zimbabwean government should improve training of installers to ensure quality, educate the general public on the benefits of SWH, and employ industry to deliver technical advice on related legislation.

Date: 2008

Author: Austrian Development Agency

Pages: 54

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