Factsheet: Commercial Solar Water Heating (2013)

This factsheet was created and published by the San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment). It provides information for businesses on how they can benefit from solar thermal water heating, and take advantage of incentives for solar thermal. More information on solar thermal incentives can be found here.

Flat-plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors can both be successfully utilized for commercial solar water heating applications, according to the fact sheet. Businesses which have adequate roof space for collectors, storage space for hot water tanks, and high water demand usage during the day have the most to benefit from with solar thermal water heating. Businesses in California can utilize a number of solar thermal incentives to shorten their payback period and decrease the upfront costs such as the California Solar Initiative Thermal program, the federal Business Energy Investment Tax Credit, and GreenFinanceSF for those businesses specifically in San Francisco.

Author: San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment)

Date: 2013

Pages: 2

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