Expression of Interest (2002)

This proposal, prepared by Professor Dr. Ursula Eicker at the University of Applied Science Stuttgart in Germany, is set to establish Europe as the leading producer of solar thermal cooling technologies.  It describes what the main focuses of the research effort are, like optimisation to replace electrically driven compressor technology, for example.  The proposal describes the need for solar assisted cooling and assures that it contributes to priority thematic area of Framework 6 and the European Research Area.

Within the document, background information to the proposed work is very thorough.  There are statistics to the annual sales of cooling equipment, rates that absorption cooling devices are manufactured and who the current market leaders are.  There is a grid reflecting expected results of the proposal and who or what the potential applications or users will be.  Designing and optimising cooling technologies, working on production issues and minimising cooling energy demand are a few examples of activities the proposal states will be necessary to achieve its objective. 

An almost three page chart, summarizes who will take part in this project, along with where they are located and a brief description of their roles.  There is also information about how the project will be managed. 

Author: Dias

Date: 2002

Pages: 5

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