Experimental and Simulated Performance of Commercially Available Solar and Heat-pump Water Heaters in New Zealand (2005)

The article was written by the researchers S.E. Thomas and C.R. Lloyd from the University of Otago, New Zealand, and published by the New Zealand Solar Industries Association.

Their research comes in the context of governmental efforts to increase the penetration of solar hot water heaters in domestic applications in order to enhance energy efficiency of domestic housing.

The research focused on the testing of different energy efficient hot water systems (heat-pump system, a flat plate thermosyphon system, a flat plate pumped circulation system and an evacuated tube system.). During the one-year testing period the computer simulation programme TRNSYS was used to monitor the performance of the systems.

Among the conclusions, the authors highlighted that it is difficult to achieve a good return on investment, due to the high cost of installed systems in New Zealand.

Author: S. E. Thomas and C.R. Lloyd

Date: 2005

Pages: 7

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