Experiences with the Renewable Heat Law (EWärmeG) Baden-Württemberg (2015)

This presentation, prepared by Dr. Volker Kienzlen of Climate and Energy Agency of Baden-Wurttenberg (KEA), was presented at the EU Conference "Heating and Cooling in teh European Energy Transition", held in Brussels on 26-27 February 2015. 

The document illustrates the effects of federal and local heat laws in the Baden-Wurttenberg, with particular regards for the law on the replacement of boilers requiring to use at least 10% renewable energies. The presentation shows that 29,2% of house owners choosed solar collectors for heating, the highest share among possible choices.

The presentation suggests the necessity of an amendment to the heat law to introduce implementation measures, simplify enforcement, increase the renewables requirement to 15and reinforce climate change committments in line with the targets included in the "Energiewende". 

Author: Dr. Volker Kienzlen

Date: February 2015

Pages: 12

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