Estimated Hot Water System Running Costs in Victoria (2010)

This report was prepared by Energy Consult Ltd. for the Sustainability Victoria governmental agency’s programme. The goal of the report was to estimate the annual energy consumption, GHG emissions and energy running costs of different hot water and heat pump systems in Victoria. This study is an update of an earlier study done by the same company.

The analysis is based on the 2010 local energy prices and the calculated energy consumption for each water heater type by climate zone and hot water load. Solar water heaters and heat pump energy consumption was calculated on the basis of solar hot water savings and on TRNSYS modeling results. It also contains a short technical description of the most commonly used systems.

Results are divided according to the geographical zone, the types of systems employed and the household size. The study also indicates GHG emissions intensity of the various hot water systems in terms of the GHG emissions per hot water delivered energy, in g CO2-e/MJ.

Author: Energy Consult Ltd.

Date: 2010

Pages: 21

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