Energy Revolution: A Sustainable Latin America Energy Outlook (2007)

This report, produced by Greenpeace International and EREC (European Renewable Energy Council), explores possible scenarios of energy use in Latin America.

The report develops a sustainable energy pathway up to 2050, including energy technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, among others.

Nowadays, renewable energy sources account for 27% of Latin America’s primary energy demand. Biomass is used for heating and constitutes the main renewable energy source, followed by hydro power.

The report concludes that from an economic point of view it is possible to reduce CO2 emissions by almost 50% in the next 43 years. From a technical point of view, the development of renewables is feasible as well, so all that is missing currently is the right policy framework.

Author: Greenpeace International and EREC

Date: 2007

Pages: 92

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