EINSTEIN: Expert System for the Intelligent Use of Solar Thermal in the Industrial Sector

Using solar heating for industrial processes is still far away from being a standardised solution. Any industrial process has to be analysed and individual solutions have to be developed. To simplify this approach, a European Consortium developed EINSTEIN, a software tool which works out an energy efficient solution for the production process, based on renewable energy sources. This project is financed by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) and coordinated by the Austrian research institute Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH. The software can be downloaded from the web site www.iee-einstein.org. It is free of charge.
EINSTEIN promises the industry a fast, high-quality thermal energy audit at reduced costs. Where are the potential savings in industrial processes? How can wasted heat be recovered? Where can renewable energies, e.g., solar thermal be used? These questions will be answered by the audit. At the end, the tool will propose an economically feasible solution.
An energy audit campaign is part of the IEE project. It will be carried out at a total of 90 industrial companies in six partner countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain. For each selected company, there will be a two days auditing onsite that will use the EINSTEIN tool-kit. Applications can be submitted via the website until February 2009.
The consortium also offers training for the EINSTEIN tool within the six participating countries. Possible dates can be found on the tool’s website.
Further information: www.iee-einstein.org


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