An Efficient Solar Thermal-Powered Evaporation System for Salt Harvesting and Wastewater Treatment (Feb 2014)

This presentation was given by the University of California Advanced Solar Technologies Institute (UC Solar) during a conference on “Sustainable Solutions in an Era of Climate Variability”, organized by the Multi-State Salinity Coalition, in Las Vegas in February 2014.   The speaker presented the External Compound Parabolic Concentrator (XCPC) technology that researchers from the University of California in Merced (UC Merced) have developed.  The XCPC is a non-tracking solar thermal collector for industrial process heat and has proven to be as efficient and performant as tracking solar thermal collectors. It is also very competitive financially compared to similar technologies.  UC Merced’s Researchers are currently working on a 12-month research project aiming at analyzing the economic and environmental positive impacts of a solar thermal-powered evaporation system using the XCPC technology.

Author: UC Solar

Date: February 2014

Pages: 15

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