Developments of Solar Thermal in China (2011)

This presentation was given as Tsinghua University in 2011, and gives a chronological overview of the rapid development of China's solar thermal market since 1978, where research first began. The research projects described in the presentation have successfully commercialised solar water heating, which had a 50.8% market share of Chinese water heating in 2008.

After outlining specific research projects into different collector technologies, the presentation gives the results of an LCA on Chinese solar water heaters, for which production energy consumption can be covered in 1.1 years by their solar energy gain. The presentation also looks to the future and identifies two high potential markets for China: industrial process heat and  solar thermal power. The firm conclusion is that China's solar thermal sector has high potential for further development.

Date: 2011

Author: Yin Zhiqiang, Zhou Xinowen

Pages: 39

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