Designing Solar Thermal System for Selected Industrial Processes (2011)

This is a presentation by Stefan Heß of the Fraunhofer ISE, given during the International Conference Solar Process Heat that took place in March 2011 in Austria.

Industrial process heat accounts for more than 20% of the final energy demand in Germany. 33% is needed at temperatures below 150°C, which can be easily achieved with solar thermal collector. The presentation explains why solar thermal is not used for industrial process heat in Europe. Financial restrictions and complex system integration are considered to be the main barriers to the development of this technology.

The presentation also explain that other energy efficiency measure have been given the priority. The presentation also makes reference to the EU-funded project So-PRO which aims at boosting the market for low-temperature solar process heat in Europe.

Author: Fraunhofer ISE

Date: 2011

Slides: 11

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