Design, Development, and Performance Evaluation of Solar Heating System for Disinfection of Domestic Roof-Harvested Rainwater (2014)

This research article proposes the use of a box-type solar heater for the disinfection of domestic roof-harvested rainwater in Ibadan, Nigeria. Solar water heater can be used to pasteurize water thereby destroying bacteria and viruses when heated to temperatures of about 65°C.

The article include explanation of the methods and materials used to build the solar water heater and a schematic drawing of the system with its dimensions. The solar heater was tested for eleven days in Ibadan and samples were collected from the heating chamber at 10 minutes interval for microbiological analysis.  

The solar water heater recorded a maximum operating temperature of 75°C with 89.6 and 94.4% reduction in total viable count and total coliform count. Considering the cost of the system compared to the cost of bottled water in Nigeria, the cost of constructing the system would be recovered in only 2 clear days.
Author: O. A. Akintola and A. Y. Sangodyin

Date: December 2014

Pages: 8

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